Curriculum for Life

Curriculum for Life and our school’s Character Virtues

Curriculum for Life is needed to prepare pupils for the ‘tests of life’ not just the ‘life of tests’.  We are all more than aware of the societal issues young people may face in life today such as anti-social behaviour, unemployment, deprivation, a decline in mental health, drug/alcohol abuse, gang culture, discrimination, crime, violence, county lines, and general unkindness.

Even when we look towards our local community of Leigh, there has been over 600 separate incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded within the last year. Never has there been a more important time for the education system to step up and act as that catalyst for positive change.

Within St Mary’s it is our absolute moral duty to ensure that we provide pupils with the essential knowledge, skills and character virtues they need to positively contribute to society and lead a flourishing life way beyond the gates of St Mary’s. Our provision has been guided by a community survey to which we had over 1000 responses. This has enabled us to create a curriculum that is absolutely responsive to the needs of the children we serve. Below are two videos that help explain our schools character virtues and also our Curriculum for life.

Personal Development at St Mary's


 Our school's Character Virtues


Our School's Character Virtues

What we stand for - Your Character Poem


Our Curriculum for Life - Overview 

Curriculum for Life - Discreet Curriculum and Sequence Year 7-13
CFL Overview 2021-2022


Curriculum reflections delivered by our Flourishing Life Leaders 

We would like to share with you some fantastic work from our FLL who have taken the time to talk about the CFL curriculum this half term. We will be sharing this with pupils and parents at the end of every half term to provide them with an overview of our CFL Curriculum sequence.

Mental Health and Wellbeing (HT1)

The CFL curriculum update videos are shared below (This half term in review )

Y7 Presented by FLL Lucy –

Y8 Presented by FLLs Florrie and Gethin -

Y9 Presented by FLL Alesha –

Y10 Presented by FLL Zach –

Y11 Presented by FLL Maddy –


The Virtue – Flourishing Life Leader Newsletter

Our Flourishing Life Leaders have published their first newsletter which has been written and edited by them. Please read about all the amazing things that they have been doing:

The Virtue Vol 1 FLLs.


Personal Development - Form Time, Moral Dilemmas, Student Leadership & Assemblies

Personal Development and Spiritual Development


 Outreach with Birmingham University Jubilee Centre



 Co-curriculum offer from Year 7-13



Impact - What our School Community say about our Personal Development


Year 7 Transition and Summer School Impact

Y7 Transition and PD Conference Impact


RSHE, Personal Development and PSHE Policy