Meet the Staff

Miss G Allsop

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P Anderson

Head of Year - Year 8

Miss B Ashton

Teacher of Social Sciences (Sociology)

Mrs C Ball

Administration Support

 Miss Z Bannister

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Barlow

Reprographics Officer

Miss A Barlow

English - Associate Assistant Headteacher - Literacy

Miss E Meredith

Geography - Senior Assistant Headteacher - (Vulnerable Students & Safeguarding) (SLT)

Miss R Barrett

History - Lead Teacher

Mr G Beattie

Senior ICT Technician

Mrs H Beeley

Year Lead - Year 7

Mr I Bennett

Social Studies - Head of Department (Psychology)

Mrs A Benson

Religious Studies - Head of Department (Assistant Headteacher)

Mr D Bentley

Science - Head of Key Stage 4 Science

Mr I Bhuiyan

Mathematics - Head of Key Stage 5 Maths

Mr M Blinkhorn

Catering Manager

Mr P Blinkhorn

Catering Assistant Supervisor

Mrs N Boardman-Hibberd

Science - Assistant SENCo

Miss K Bond

Finance Assistant

Miss S Brooks

Lay Chaplain

Mrs A Brown


Miss R Burns

English - Lead Practitioner Literacy

Mr J Burton

PE/Pastoral Support

Mrs C Calwell

Head of Creative and Expressive Arts (Drama)

Ms S Carrington

Learning and Development Mentor

Mrs J Casement

Creative and Expressive Arts (Head of Art)

Miss N Casey

Teacher of Religious Education

Mr A Coffey

Mathematics - Head of Key Stage 4

Miss S Colbert

Mathematics - Head of Key Stage 3

Mrs R Coll

Headteacher's PA

Mr A Colley

Computing - Lead Practitioner Teaching & Learning Initiatives

Mrs C Collins

Sports, Recreation & Health

Mr J Connell

Science - Head of Key Stage 3

Miss J Connelly

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Cooke

Science Technician

Miss J Cooke

English SENCo Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Mrs J Crooks

Teacher of English

Mrs J Crowe

Catering Assistant

Mrs D Cunliffe

Catering Assistant

Mrs C Dainty

Administration Support Assistant

Br J Dawson

Assistant Chaplain

Mr A Dawson


Mrs D Dawson

Teacher of Computing

Mr I Delaney

Science - Head of Key Stage 5

Miss M Delaney

Cover Supervisor / Drama

Mrs N Dewhurst

Senior Assistant Headteacher - Behaviour & Attitudes (SLT)

Mrs V Donaghy

Catering Assistant

Dr H Drury

Science - Director of Science - Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Mrs R Dutton

Year Lead - Year 11

Mrs E Edwards

Creative and Expressive Arts - Head of Music

Mrs C Emson

Administration Support - SEN

Mr M Fernay

Site and Health & Safety Manager

Mr M Fieldhouse

Teacher of Science

Miss R Foley

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss T Foster

Human Resources Manager

Mrs T Gardner

Administration Support Assistant

Mr C Glennon

Science - Interim Senior Deputy Headteacher - Quality of Education (SLT)

Ms C Grange

Exams/Data Officer

Mrs S Green

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss G Greenhalgh

English - Interim Head of Key Stage 3

Dr P Gregg

Teacher of Science

Miss J Hall

Sport & Health - Head of Key Stage 4 (H&SC)

Mrs L Hampson

Attendance Officer

Miss C Hanrahan

Teacher of Religious Education

Mrs S Hardman

English - English & Literacy

Mr S Harper

Senior Science Technician

Mrs G Harrison

Catering Assistant

Mr I Harrison

Religious Studies - Lead for Catholic Life

Mrs K Harrison

Assistant Headteacher - Business & Finance (SLT)

Miss B Harvey

Teacher of Religious Education

Mr D Haste

Languages - Interim Senior Assistant Headteacher, Teaching & Learning (SLT)

Mrs A Hewitt

Pastoral Manager - Key Stage 3

Mr M Heywood

Teacher of Languages

Mrs C Hill

Science Technician

Mrs B Hindley

Lead Learning & Development Mentor

Mrs M Hobbs

Teacher of Science

Mr D Hodsdon

Creative and Expressive Arts (Music)

Mr A Hodson

Teacher of Technology

Miss J Holdship

Creative and Expressive Arts (Drama)

Miss I Holland

Teacher of Art

Mrs S Holt-Naughten

English - Head of Department (SLT)

Mrs C Hughes

Science - Acting Lead Teacher

Mrs N Hunter

Teacher of Science

Mrs M Hurst

Year Lead - Year 10

Mrs A Ingle

Cover Supervisor 

Miss C Jackson

Sport & Health

Mr M James

Network Systems Manager

Mrs A Jatta

Geography - 2nd in Department

Mr M Johnson

ICT Technician

Mrs K Jones

Catering Assistant

Mr D Jones

Technology - 2nd in Department

Mr P Jones

Pastoral Manager - Key Stage 4

Miss C Jump

English - Interim Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral Care, Behaviour & Safeguarding (SLT)

Mrs P Keith

Pastoral Welfare Officer - Interim

Miss H Kelly

Social Sciences (Psychology) Interim Lead for Positive Mental Health

Mrs M Kocon

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Koziaryn

Teacher of Geography

Miss K Lee

Cover Supervisor/Languages

Mrs P Lloyd

Office Manager/Clerk to the Governors

Mrs L Lomas

Safeguarding & Welfare Lead

Mr A Makin

Teacher of Technology

Mrs D Managh

Teacher of English

Mr D McCarrick

Teacher of English

Ms J McCarthy

Year Lead - Year 9

Miss D McFarlane

Site Officer

Mrs A McInnes

School Librarian

Miss C McLoughlin

Religious Education - Lead Teacher

Mrs L Mills

Sport & Health - Head of Key Stage 5 (H&SC)

Mrs D Morris

Learning & Development Mentor

Mrs L Mort

Learning & Development Mentor

Mr C Moss

English - Head of Key Stage 4

Miss K Neal

Catering Assistant

Mr B Oates

Technology Technician

Miss K O'Callaghan

Teacher of Languages

Mr M O'Leary

Site Officer

Mr J Ollier

AV Technician

Mrs R Parkinson

Sport & Health - Head of Department

Miss N Parkinson

Teacher of Business Studies

Mrs C Paxford

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr L Peachey

Technology - Deputy Headteacher - Personal Development (SLT)

Mrs N Pendlebury

Year Lead - Year 12 & Year 13

Mrs J Pettitt

Catering Assistant

Mr N Prior

Mathematics - Director of Mathematics - Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Mrs V Provost

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr S Quinn

Systems/Exams Manager

Mr A Quinn

Teacher of Technology

Mr W Qurashi

Teacher of Science

Mr O Rayner

Science - Assistant Headteacher - Head of 6th Form (SLT)

Mrs C Richardson

Teacher of History

Mrs K Roberts

Finance Officer

Miss M Roche

Geography - Interim Head of Department

Dr Z Rosser

Teacher of Science

Mr M Rosser

Teacher of Geography

Mrs K Sanderson

Sport & Health - Health & Social Care

Mrs L Scott

Business Studies - Head of Department

Miss R Seddon

Examination Manager

Mrs J Sewell

School Health Education Officer

Mr J Sherlock

PE & Sport

Mr P Smith

Senior Site Officer

Mr L Smith

Technology - Head of Department

Mr A Smith

Geography - Head of Department

Ms V Spink

Administration Support Assistant

Mrs L Taylor

Science Technician

Mr D Taylor

PE & Sport

Mrs E Thorpe

Teacher of Computing

Mrs K Tovar Toledo

Teacher of Languages

Mr A Turner

Technology - Construction Tutor

Mrs L Twiss

Catering Assistant

Mrs G Wake

History - Head of Department

Mrs K Walker

Creative and Expressive Arts (Art)

Mrs C Waring

Welfare Assistant

Mr S White

Site Officer

Mrs J Wilcock

Teacher of History

Mr G Williams

Pastoral Manager - Key Stage 5

Miss C Wilson

Teacher of PE & Sport

Mrs J Woodhams

Mathematics - Lead Teacher

Miss E Worden

Pastoral Officer - Interim

Mr S Wright

Teacher of Computing & Business Studies

Mrs J Yates

Learning & Development Mentor

Mrs J Young

Catering Assistant

Miss S Zamorano

Languages - Head of Faculty