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English Department

The aim of the English Department is to ensure that each pupil attains their full potential at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. It is one of the most successful departments in the school, consistently achieving very good results.

We offer as broad a base as possible, developing skills in both Language and Literature, so enabling students to communicate effectively throughout their lives. We develop students’ abilities through a wide range of teaching styles and the quality of teaching is very good. Learning occurs in a well-structured manner in the classroom and pupils are offered additional revision classes at all key stages.

There is a well-established system of regular assessments and all pupils are set regular targets, in order that they achieve their best possible level or grade. Staff work closely with teaching assistants, to ensure that the needs of all pupils are met. There is clear evidence of differentiated work, related to both long-term and short-term target-setting.

As a result of the above points, students leave St. Mary’s as well-rounded and high achieving individuals, well equipped for their future lives.

English Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Learning Programmes

All students in Key Stage 3 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term). This clearly outlines week-by-week the curriculum content both in class and at home. There are 3 Learning Programmes in total LP1 (September to Christmas) LP2 (January to Easter) LP3 (Easter to July).

Drama, Music and PE are working with Learning Journals throughout Key Stage 3.

All students in Key Stage 4 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term) or Unit (Relating to the Qualification being studied).

There are no Learning Programmes for Key Stage 5 subjects. The Curriculum Overview for each course can be found in the Year 12 and Year 13 tabs.

All Learning Programmes will be displayed on the first page of all exercise books. Each Learning Programme can found in the separate tab for each Year Group.

English is taught in mixed ability groups in Year 7 and in sets throughout Years 8 – 11. At Key Stage 3, we develop the skills required at GCSE and work is based on a system of APP, covering both reading and writing.

At GCSE, students follow the AQA English Language and Literature syllabus and the majority of pupils take both subjects. Media Studies GCSE is also a popular and successful option.

In the Sixth Form, we offer A level courses in English Language and Literature; English Literature; Communication and Culture and a BTEC course in Media Studies, all of which are popular, appealing to a wide range of students, enabling them to access university courses and employment.

The department provides a stimulating and supportive atmosphere, in order to develop confident, independent and motivated young people.


Staff - English

  Director of English
 Acting Progress and Attainment Leader - Key Stage 3
  Acting Progess and Attainment Leader  - Key Stage 4
Progress and Attainment Leader  - Key Stage 5
Lead Practitioner
English & Literacy 
Asssitant Headteacher Director of Key Stage 4 - Teacher of English
Acting Assitant Director of Key Stage 4 - Teacher of English
Teacher of English