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The Modern Foreign Language Department is situated on the first floor of the Communication Block. The Department owns 6 specialist rooms each fitted with an interactive whiteboard.

Year 11 MFL December Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the Year 11 MFL newsletter. Please use all the hints and tips contained to help your child best prepare for the GCSE examination. As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, please get in touch.

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Resource Downloads

Year 9 Spanish Term 2 Vocabulary

Year 10 Spanish Term 2 Vocabulary

Year 10 French Term 2 Vocabulary

Languages Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Learning Programmes

All students in Key Stage 3 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term). This clearly outlines week-by-week the curriculum content both in class and at home. There are 3 Learning Programmes in total LP1 (September to Christmas) LP2 (January to EasterLP3 (Easter to July).

All students in Key Stage 4 will be issued with a new A4 exercise book each Learning Programme (Term) or Unit (Relating to the Qualification being studied).

There are no Learning Programmes for Key Stage 5 subjects. The Curriculum Overview for each course can be found in the Year 12 and Year 13 tabs.

All Learning Programmes will be displayed on the first page of all exercise books. Each Learning Programme can found in the separate tab for each Year Group.

The aim of the Modern Foreign Languages Department at St Mary’s is that all students develop an understanding and an enjoyment for the learning of Spanish and French.

From beginning in Year 7 all students study Spanish and in Year 8, some students will be offered the opportunity to study French.

Students develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the foreign language, throughout all key stages.  All lessons are creative and interactive and students are encouraged to work hard in class and at home to ensure that they continually develop in all skill areas.  Students are encouraged to self-assess their progress and students are always fully aware of their current achievement and what they need to do in order to reach or surpass their targets.  At Key Stage 5, students have the opportunity to continue their language learning here at St. Mary’s, and are able to study both French and Spanish.

Student enrichment is central to the MFL Department at St Mary’s. Several trips are run each year.  At Key Stage 3, the French students are offered the opportunity to visit Switzerland and France.  In Year 10, 80 Spanish students have the chance to visit Barcelona and this trip always proves to be very popular with the students.  At Key Stage 5, students are offered the chance to take part in a work-experience programme in a primary school in Spain, teaching English for 5 days during February half term.  Students find this experience extremely enriching and it really enhances UCAS applications to university.  In addition to the foreign trips, students have also been given the opportunity to visit Liverpool University to find out more about further study of foreign languages after school and college and several intervention sessions run throughout the year at Key Stage 4 to ensure students achieve their full potential at GCSE.

Students achieve very well in languages at St Mary’s and they really enjoy the opportunities the department provide for them, in order to develop not only their linguistic ability but also the cultural enrichment that they are offered.