Mathematics Department


We are currently reviewing our curriculum and new details will be published shortly.

As a Mathematics and Computing Specialist School, the Mathematics Department seeks to inspire pupils to gain an appreciation of the importance and relevance of Mathematics, as well as to excel academically.

All pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential at all levels by both the teaching that takes place in lessons and the extra support provided at lunchtime and after school. Maths Club takes place at lunchtimes and operates as a drop-in centre for pupils in all years to get additional support if needed. Exam revision sessions are run after school for both Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form pupils as required.

All Mathematics rooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and the Department uses a combination of traditional teaching methods as well as interactive teaching methods. Pupils are also given the opportunity to work on computers when a topic lends itself to this.

Pupils receive regular feedback from teachers and peers, both verbal and written. Pupils are regularly assessed with end of topic assessments throughout the course. Pupils are encouraged to self-assess and peer assess their work during their lessons and this is then used to inform future planning.

The Mathematics Department subscribe annually to the web site. The website can be accessed through the school login and password. Each pupil has their own user ID and password. Pupils can find lessons on every topic covered in class and can complete homework set. The website marks their work instantly and has lots of interactive Maths games to play while they learn.


Mathematics Curriculum