We are now a certified Silver awarded Eco School!

The Eco Team have qualified for the SILVER and BRONZE Eco-award over the past academic year (and have their Green award (gold) pending verification). St Mary's has not had these awards since 2011! 

If you see any of the following pupils please do congratulate them, they have worked really hard: filling in documentation, undertaking activities around school/after school, and presenting a talk at the Wigan borough Eco-conference to a range of schools:

  • Sophie Quigley
  • Eleanor Gerrard
  • Brandon Downs
  • Nathan Farrell
  • Arnav Bhalla
  • Jake Robinson
  • Alfie Marsh
  • Emre Gungor

Year 8 Celebration


This week we held the Year 8 Celebration Assembly to mark the end of not only Year 8, but the students’ Key Stage 3 journey. Congratulations to all of the award winners! It was wonderful to be able to recognise and reward students’ efforts and achievements, and we are incredibly proud of every Year 8 student and how they have progressed and developed this year. We hope that each one will continue to strive to be their best at all times, as they move forward into Year 9 to begin their Key Stage 4 journey.

Well Done Year 8!



Golden MomentCongratulations Heads and Deputies! 

After a very challenging and competitive process for Head Boy and Head Girl this year, the wait is finally over. Gold ties and badges now adorn the following: 

Congratulations to: Head Boys and Head Girls: Jard, Alex, Sophie and Tania.

Congratulations to their Deputies : Emma, Sophie, Amalia, Tara , Ella, Rohan, Finn, Zack and Dan. 

Sports Day

The sun came out for the re-scheduled 2019 St Mary’s Sports Day. Year’s 7-10 participated in a range of Track and Field Athletics events alongside Rounders and Football Tournaments. The competitive side of the day was ever present, however the mass participation was even more pleasing to see. Staff and students worked well together to make the day enjoyable for all!


The Business department were off on their travels again last week with a trip down the road to the local Morrisons manufacturing and logistics site. The day started with a nice walk down to the site with the students enjoying the sunshine and behaving impeccably towards the site. On arrival the students were separated into 3 groups of 8, each being given a different activity for the next 45 minutes.

Andy Mcinnes

Dr. Andy McInnes came in for his third year running to talk to Y12 students about the significance of Gothic Literature and how Frankenstein encapsulates the feeling of the Gothic. Andy worked with the Y12 students by firstly giving an academic lecture on the nature of Frankenstein and the context behind it, he then put the onus on the students, as they anlaysed a Feminist theorist relating to the text. The students found this incredibly useful and are going to relate some of the ideas derived from the day into their writing of Frankenstein.

Cambridge University

Earlier in the year a group of Year 12 students were lucky enough to experience what it was like to be a student at Cambridge University. We stayed in the prestigious Murray Edwards College and throughout the two days had a full timetable of activities: from understanding how the knee works and looking at an actual knee joint, to trying to decipher the meaning of a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The students had a plethora of subjects to discover and enthuse them.