Andy Mcinnes

Dr. Andy McInnes came in for his third year running to talk to Y12 students about the significance of Gothic Literature and how Frankenstein encapsulates the feeling of the Gothic. Andy worked with the Y12 students by firstly giving an academic lecture on the nature of Frankenstein and the context behind it, he then put the onus on the students, as they anlaysed a Feminist theorist relating to the text. The students found this incredibly useful and are going to relate some of the ideas derived from the day into their writing of Frankenstein.

Later on in the afternoon, Andy spoke to a group of Y10 students about University life and gave a seminar on how to decode picture books. The session was very interesting and prompted a lot of debate amongst the participants involved: it was interesting to look at well-known picture books through an analytical perspective. Miss Robinson. Head of KS5 English.