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St. Mary's Catholic High School

APP - Assessing Pupil Progress

ALPS - A Level Performance System

AST - Advanced Skills Teacher

CAF - Common Assessment Framework (Safeguarding of Children)

CLA - Child Looked After

CPD - Continuous Professional Development

EAL - English as an Additional Language

EBI - Even Better If

EHCP - Education Health Care Plan

EHP - Early Help Plan

FSM - Free School Meals

G & T - Gifted and Talented

IAG - Information Advice and Guidance

L2L - Learning to Learn

LAC - Literacy Across the Curriculum

LDM - Learning Development Mentor

LFR - Leading For Results

M & E - Monitoring & Evaluation

MLDP - Middle Leaders Development Programme

NAC - Numeracy Across the Curriculum

NCSL - National College for School Leadership

PANDA - Performance and Assessment Report

PM - Performance Management

RPA - Raised Participation Age

RWCM - Reading, Writing, Communication, Mathematics

SEAL - Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

SEF - Self Evaluation Form

SEND - Special Education Needs and Disabilities

SENCO - Special Needs Coordinator

SLT - Senior Leadership Team

SSC - Student Support Centre

T & L - Teaching & Learning

TLPP - Teaching & Learning Partnership Programme

VA - Value Added

VLN - Virtual Learning Network

WWW - What went well