Welcome to St Mary’s

We are delighted to welcome you to Year 7. Year 7 is an exciting time where you move from Primary School and become a member of our family.

You will do the majority of your lessons with your tutor group and you will have a variety of sessions to get to know them, including the Welcome Conference.

Year 7 is a new start for you and we want to work with you to make it a great success.

Your first point of contact every day is your form tutor. Being a form tutor is considered by St Mary’s to be one of the most important jobs we do. The form tutor will work with you each morning to set you up for the day to ensure that you are ready to be your best.

We have a variety of exciting opportunities for you in Year 7; joining the Student Forum as form rep, being a Service leader through the work that we will do for a range of charities, working within your house to fund-raise, joining one of our many P.E. clubs and teams, becoming an Eco-Warrior, a Global Explorer or even a Science Detective.

You will get opportunities to represent the school in many ways; we have champions clubs in a range of sports and the teams are always looking for volunteers to join up, you can be a key member of the Welcome Mass, join the Chaplaincy team, become part of the House Leadership Team or you could be a part of a team that interviews for new teachers as part of our student panels.  All forms will plan and deliver two assemblies over the year; one to Year 7 and one to the House.

A big part of Year 7 is working towards your Service award.  Last year our two winners of the most Service Vivos won an overnight stay at the Science Museum in London! Service can be as simple as checking on a neighbour, raising money or litter picking.

Your first point of contact for any issues is always your form tutor, e-mail is the best way to contact:

7B (Bernadette House)  – S Hardman

7C (Kolbe House)  – D Heywood

7D (Romero) – C Paxford 

7F (McAuley House) – I Paukstello

7M (Romero House) – C Tufnail

7O (Teresa House) – L Davis

7R (Bernadette House) – E Harvey

7S (Kolbe House) – J Connell

Year Lead Miss A Rees

To Contact a form tutor or year lead click on there name and click on the contact form.