Welcome to Year 8!

Year 8 is an important year where you move from being the new students in school. In Year 8 you need to take the opportunity to consolidate the learning of Year 7 and then move it forward even further. By the end of Year 8 you will be thinking about options for GCSEs and so will need to work hard all year to put yourself in the best position for that.

In Year 8 we continue with being of service with another awesome prize up for grabs. Congratulations to Jack and Amy who won a Night at the Museum for their service work in Year 7!

Your first point of contact for any issues is always your form tutor, e-mail is the best way to contact:

8B (Bernadette House)  – Miss J Hall

8C (Kolbe House)  Mr D Jones

8D (Romero) Mrs K Middleton

8F (McAuley House) – Miss R Burns

8G (Teresa House)  – A Doyle

8O (Teresa House) – Dr Z Rosser

8R (Bernadette House) – Mrs E Thorpe

8S (Kolbe House) – Dr M Quigley

8W (McAuley House) – Miss K Gresty

Year Lead – Mrs N Pendlebury

To Contact a form tutor or year lead click on there name and click on the contact form.