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St. Mary's Catholic High School

Welcome to the Key Stage 4 page. Here you will find contact details for the Key Stage 4 team and an introduction to some of the work that goes on in this part of the school.

Key Stage 4 is when your child will embark upon the exciting and challenging journey of GCSE courses. As a team, we are dedicated to ensuring that your child is supported at every step to achieve their potential. Your child’s academic progress will be tracked by the Key Stage team closely at assessment points throughout the year and we work with Subject Leaders to ensure that every child succeeds.

We are committed to celebrating pupil success through our termly ‘Celebration assemblies’ where pupils are nominated by departmental areas for outstanding attitudes to learning, exceptional achievements and attendance. As a team, we also monitor and support behaviour, uniform and attendance.

Key Stage 4 work closely with Key Stage 3 and our colleagues in St Mary’s Sixth Form to support the vital decisions that pupils in Year 9 and Year 11 make with regards to their future academic pathways.